Officers of the Congregation

Abbot Elias Abbot Elias' Coat of Arms

President (2016-2022)

Abbot Elias Lorenzo, OSB Saint Mary's Abbey

To contact Abbot Elias, please send him an email at .

Council of the President (2016-2019)

  1. Abbot Mark Cooper, OSB Saint Anselm Abbey
  2. Archabbot Douglas Nowicki, OSB Saint Vincent Archabbey
  3. Father Edward Mazich, OSB Saint Vincent Archabbey
  4. Father James Flint, OSB Saint Procopius Abbey
  5. Executive Secretary: Father Prior Michael Calhoun, OSB Saint Bede Abbey

Congregation Financial Counselors

Congregation Procurator

Father Geraldo Gonzalez y Lima, OSB
Collegio S. Anselmo
Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta 5
I-00153 Roma, Italy

Tel:+39 06 58 91 336
<domgeraldo @>